Upgrade Django

Django 5.0.x

Supported until 2025-04-01

Release Highlights

  • Django 5.0 supports Python 3.10, 3.11, and 3.12. If you need an older version of Python you’ll need to stick with the 4.2.x series
  • Facet filters in the Django admin can now show counts in the sidebar
  • Improved template options for form field rendering, including groups of fields
  • Support in the ORM for database computed default values
  • Async version of all django.contrib.auth login/logout low level functions
  • Form fields now support aria-describedby HTML attributes to better support screen readers

Upgrade Gotchas

  • MariaDB 10.7+ UUID fields are now created as actual UUID columns so you need to adjust your fields slightly if you have existing CHAR32() fields for them to continue to work.
  • Dropped support entirely for MySQL < 8.0.11
  • The default value of USE_TZ was changed from False to True
  • The USE_L10N setting has been removed
  • Support for pytz timezones has been removed
  • Security patches

  • Bug fixes

  • Release

  • Alpha

  • Beta

Released Versions

Version Release Date Release Type Blog Post Release Notes GitHub
5.0.2 2024-02-06
Blog Post Release Notes GitHub
5.0.1 2024-01-02
Blog Post Release Notes GitHub
5.0 2023-12-04
Blog Post Release Notes GitHub
5.0rc1 2023-11-20
Blog Post Release Notes GitHub
5.0b1 2023-10-23
Blog Post Release Notes GitHub
5.0a1 2023-09-18
Blog Post Release Notes GitHub

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